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Re: JNLP signing requirement.
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Re: JNLP signing requirement.

On Jun 13, 2013, at 2:56 PM, Doug Zwick wrote:

There is a command line tool name "xip" that is used to create a secure, signed archive (similar to gzip, jar or tar archives). Apparently, if you use it on your JNLP file, deploying such an archive in place of the JNLP file is expected to work, at least when downloading to a 10.8.4 Mac (xip is present on my 10.7.5 Mac, 

If the signature is what Gatekeeper expects this seems workable enough for non-dynamic jnlp.
 I would think a how-to for jnlp somewhere including how to acquire the developer cert's might be an idea but then I always think other people should document.
That cert is still $100 right? I would think some people not specifically targeting OS X might lift an eyebrow at that.
But this definitely good for anyone who needs jnlp to wok on the Mac.

Michael Hall

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