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Java Web Start signing for Mac OS X
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Java Web Start signing for Mac OS X

Does anyone have a procedure for signing a "standard" JWS app so that Gatekeeper will accept it?  A link to a standard procedure would be great, or maybe you'd be willing to share what you've figured out?  I saw a note on some Apple release notes that said that the JNLP file has to be signed, but found nothing further.  I'm not sure how you can sign a JNLP file on a standard server - maybe signing the JAR'd JNLP is what is meant, as required by Java?  Is there an Ant task to do this Apple signing?

Any help appreciated.  I try hard to make my app work seamlessly on Mac OS X, and the although the "Download Linked File"/"Open"/etc. workaround seems acceptable to most customers, it's a sucky user experience.

Thanks, Nick
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