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Re: Java Web Start signing for Mac OS X
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Re: Java Web Start signing for Mac OS X

On Jun 29, 2013, at 4:53 PM, Nick Howes wrote:

maybe signing the JAR'd JNLP is what is meant

I think there was some mention in a list thread not too long ago that signing the jnlp worked. But that in uploading/downloading the jnlp file the signature was lost. I was curious since the jnlp  doesn't involve a application bundle, where does the signature go? There was no answer when I asked that.
It would seem like if you could find the signature you could upload it separately, then either
1) JWS could automatically check for and attach the signature on download, or…
2) Some 3rd party app could default handle the jnlp that would attach the signature to the jnlp and then turn around and launch JWS with that.
If I was understanding correctly.

But the thread did indicate this worked on the jnlp but not off the web, which seems less useful for the W in JWS. You could probably find it in the archives.

Michael Hall

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