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3D converter [Was: OBJ creation and detecting keyboard & mouse events]
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3D converter [Was: OBJ creation and detecting keyboard & mouse events]

On 12/10/01 2:05 PM, "email@hidden" <email@hidden> wrote:

> 1) What is a good program to use to create OBJ objects. Even if it is a
> demo program, or something REALLY inexpensive, that will work. I just
> need a tool to practice with and try and make characters and other items
> instead of trying to create every object by hand in OpenGL.

Dunno of anything free that natively exports OBJ, sorry...

You could try Blender (maybe?) or Meshwork and find some way to convert it,
but converting is a slight problem. Writing a simple 3DS loader isn't hard
at all, but 3DS is still kinda yucky.

Which brings another question: Are there any 3D file format converters out
there for os x/9-?

If there aren't, I'll be willing to write something that supports a few good
formats (OBJ 3DS MD2/3 VRML LWO MS3D...).

- R. Eranki

 >OBJ creation and detecting keyboard & mouse events (From: email@hidden)

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