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Key PC - Mac equivalents
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Key PC - Mac equivalents

Hi All,

I made this little list to help out some people, and in a computer
classroom, it only takes five minutes to demonstrate and explain unless
you get a lot of questions. This was written for Mac OS 9, but much of
it applies to Mac OS X:

I have found that just about everyone knows how to use Windows, so it
is often helpful to show them the Mac equivalent of the PC commands and
procedures they already know well. Things like Alt+tab and the right
mouse button are especially nice to know for experienced PC users. Try
control clicking on the desktop for instance.

Key PC - Mac equivalents:

right mouse button = Control + mouse click
Network Neighborhood = Chooser (or Network Browser)
Start menu = Apple Menu (a Programs alias folder helps)
Task Bar = Application Menu (upper right corner in menubar)
Alt + Tab = Apple + Tab
[X] button in windows = File -> Quit (you cannot emphasize this enough)
eject/logout = Dragging disks/volumes to the trash
(File -> Put Away may be easier on some users)

Other good tips :

Force Quit = Task Manager + End task
Control Apple Power = Control Alt Delete (twice)

Fortunately, users seldom need to use these but they feel smarter and
more in control if they know them. Unfortunately, these don't always
work, and new 2000/2001 model mac keyboards don't have a power key.

Hope this helps,
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