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SUMMARY: How to automatically set static IP numbers on cloned Mac OS X images
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SUMMARY: How to automatically set static IP numbers on cloned Mac OS X images

> We have several open labs running Mac OS X. We clone our image using CCC and then deliver the image via NetRestore. Other than running a script at the end of each NetRestore, is there some other way to automatically set a static IP number for each of my clients? How are others handling IP configurations in general? Thanks -Denise
* Most folks suggested using a DHCP service that allows IP reservations.
* There was a reference to Penn States "Blast" re-imaging process, see <>
* Run a post install script
* Run a startup script
* Use NetInfo, the machines property tag

I have only a Mac OS X server available on each of my segments. Mac OS X (Jaguar anyway) does not support IP reservations via DHCP.

The scripting ideas will work and will have to be used ultimately to set the computer name.

Use of NetInfo appears to be our solution; especially since we have all the hardware/static mappings already setup (from when we NetBooted with Mac OS 9). I only need to enable NetInfo in the Directory Access Tool to pick up the info. Do note that NetInfo will be gone with the release of Panther.

Thank you everyone!
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