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RE: How to set up DNS server
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RE: How to set up DNS server

If you wanted to handout both internet and non-routable ips from the same named server then this is probably best accomplished with bind 9 and the views feature. Bind 8.2.3 as shipped with OS X doesn't do this cleanly AFAIK.

Your internal nameserver does not have the authority to do this. I think you could fake it; in the NS records, do NOT list your ISP's DNS servers, just your internal, and put your internal DNS server in the SOA record. You will probably need to dump the db.cache file as well, and then restart bind.

Then you will need to place your internal DNS server as the only nameserver in the lookup list on your local machines. Also, you will need to tell bind to use your ISP's nameservers as forwarders for recursive lookups of external domains.

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sxren Theilgaard [mailto:email@hidden]
> Sent: Friday, January 18, 2002 9:49 AM
> To: Mac OS X Server
> Subject: How to set up DNS server
> I have a hard time getting BIND to works as I want it to work.
> What I have is a domain name (, which is already
> registered
> on a "public" DNS server somewhere on the internet (at my ISP). Also
> and is registered, mail as an A record
> www as a CNAME to a web hotel at the ISP.
> What I want is to the same domain name internally (behind a NAT
> converting router), so that points at
> (different from the rest of the world), at the
> same point
> as the "public". And I want to be able to name all my
> machines locally
> in this domain.
> I am configuring with Webmin, and have set up a master domain
> (, where I have set up A records and CNAME record
> to what I
> think is correct, but even the server running all this
> ( cannot resolve itself.
> nslookup (in Network Utility) gives the following result if
> asked about
> "
> Lookup has started ...
> *** can't find
> Non-existent host/domain
> Server:
> Address:
> "
> I can resolve whatever domain on the internet just fine, no
> problem, but
> all local names is not working.
> I would really appreciate som input on this, thank you.
> Yours Sincerely
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