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Re: single line command to download multiple files with CURL
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Re: single line command to download multiple files with CURL

At 10:10 AM +0200 11/24/04, Bogdan Fulau wrote:

I am using CURL as my download manager and would like to know if it's possible to get more than one file at a time from a single command.

That is, instead of writing

curl -O http://address/file1.txt
curl -O http://address/file2.dmg
curl -O http://address/file3.sit

Did you *read* the man page??

Review the {} qualifier.

At 11:27 AM -0500 11/24/04, Jason Deraleau wrote:
Just use a basic loop:

$ for i in "file1.txt file3.sit"
	curl -O http://address/${i}

Not necessary:

% curl -O "http://address/file{1.txt,2.dmg,3.sit}";

If the files all had the same extension:

% curl -O "http://address/file[1-3].ext";

Which is the same as:

% curl -o file#1.ext "http://address/file[1-3].ext";

where we use a symbolic replacement.

Or if we wanted all .sit and .dmg and .txt files in a range:

% curl -o file#1.#2 "http://address/file[1-3].{sit,dmg,txt}";


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