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cre8ADhomes - why isn't is working for me now?
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cre8ADhomes - why isn't is working for me now?


i've used m. Bartoshs cre8ADhomes script in our test setup and it worked
fine.  Now, in the real world it's not working.

I get promted for a password, i type the servers password - i now know i
can type in anything  for a password- and i get the same result -
nothing.  Usually it gives feed back on the directories as they're being

Everythings all bound, and i can see the users in the AD in WGM.  In our
test environment we were running 10.3.5.  In the real world environment
were running the same, although they may have been a few security
updates since.

Any ideas on how i can get to the bottom of this?  Any error output

Many thanks,

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