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Re: more on Print queues - windows
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Re: more on Print queues - windows

At 16:48 -0400 1/10/04, Chip Scheide wrote:
I have setup a queue for each of the department's printers.  simple

I can use them (the queues) to print to any printer from my Mac.

I can not get  (test)  PC running Win2K to taqlk to the queues.  I can
see them (setup the queues to 'share' over smb), but any attempt to use
or talk to the queue results in "acces denied". smb browsing, add printer
(local), add printer (network).

The PC is stand alone - no netboot, nor AD or other central athentication.

any ideas on what to do next?


Chip Scheide
Systems Coordinator
Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh
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I've run into similar issues with Win 98 and Win 2k. XP Pro seems to be the only one that its really happy with.

Anyway things that have worked for me:

1. Install the Postscript driver on the PC (if you get a choice of Postscript Vs PCL with whatever printer you are linking to).

2. Often you will see "access denied" next to the icon but the printer prints happily anyway.

3. Sometimes you can't take advantage of printer options (e.g. duplex etc.)

4. Enjoy!

Tiger is meant to fix this up (bt I wonder what else it will break).

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