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Re: Dumb Apache Question
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Re: Dumb Apache Question

At 4:38 PM -0500 10/1/04, Jim O'Connor wrote:
At 3:52 PM -0500 10/1/04, Jim O'Connor wrote:

You DON'T want a CNAME in your MX record. That is bad.

More clearly stated "you can't have an MX record point to a CNAME host, it must point to a host that has an A record."

Yes, I stated that very incorrectly. You DO want a canonical name,

As CNAME *is* a canonical name!

you don't want an alias.

And "Alias" is a canonical name!

"A" records are "Address Records"

"CNAME" records are "Canonical Names"

You don't want something defined in a CNAME record (from the left side of a CNAME record) in your MX records as mail forwarding products won't chase a trail of aliases.

Thanks Dan. Sorry for the confused reply.

Hey, why not continue to add to the confusion? --


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