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Re: and Exchange 2003 Questions
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Re: and Exchange 2003 Questions

On Oct 12, 2004, at 6:57 AM, Josh Wisenbaker wrote:

On Oct 11, 2004, at 9:26 PM, Dan Stranathan wrote:

If anyone has a lot of experience with and Exchange Server
2003, I have a few questions for you.

Not a lot, but I've tested it briefly with Exchange 2000 server.

I've a little more, but don't claim to be an expert.

1) What does the "Outlook Web Access Server" field in's Accounts pane really do? I have a OWA server, but why do I need to point to it? After all, doesn't use IMAP and SMPT for email

It's supposed to forward calendar events on to iCal.

According to the help in "if you enter text in the Outlook Web Access Server field, Mail filters non-email related content from the server." This is the Calendar folder, the Contacts folder, and any calendar and contacts information in any other box (such as public folders, your INBOX, etc.) will not show up. A good idea in general, but in the INBOX it means you don't get calendar invites, and bounced messages are not normal mail either so you never know if you have messages that didn't go through unless you use the actual OWA.

I have discovered that this seems to be the case with or without a server in the OWA field as long as you choose the Exchange account type.

2) What is the REAL difference between's IMAP and Exchange settings? Other than number 1 above, I see no difference.

The Exchange setting is to hide the events folder from being seen in your IMAP mail tree. A problem here can be that while you can't see it in the mail tree, Mail can and your mail rules may take effect on the hidden messages messing up your schedules.

See response to #1. (It made more sense to put that all in one explanation)

3) Why does see my Public Folders and stuff on my Exchange server (with both "Exchange" and "IMAP" configs, I tested, both get the same results). Testing the same account with Entourage 2004, I don't see the Public Folders on the Exchange server. I tested it with both Entourage's "Exchange" account (WEB DAV?) and with IMAP. Is there any way to hide the Public Folders from users?

Huh. You should see the public folders in Entourage 2004 as well. No idea how to hide them.

It kinda defeats the point of public folders if you want them to not be visible...

4) Can use NTLM for authentication? I don't see a way to do so, but Microsoft told me it can be done.

Not that I know of off the top of my head or from a quick Google adventure. If Microsoft knows how to do it then they should share.

It uses the IMAP/OWA authentication methods. I doubt there is any way to switch this but then, I haven't done any research either.

5) When I use KEychain to save my Exchange password, it stores it with the name "IIS Support". Even if I don't give my OWA Servers address (leave the field blank) it still refers to the password as an IIS password.

I guess that's just a naming convention Apple is using.

I agree.

6) Is WEBDAV needed to support Mac IMAP mail connections on Exchange 2003?

Not for IMAP, but I would imagine that it is for the scheduling.

This may be more for the Address Book Exchange conduit or future features not yet integrated into Mail and iCal.

7) Why doesn't Microsoft or Apple support MAPI on the Mac for Exchange email and calenders? Outlook 2001 and Classic just don't cut it.

Apple doesn't support it because they aren't going to reverse engineer Microsoft's stuff. Microsoft doesn't support it because they aren't interested in maintaining Macs in the enterprise. Case in point the current state of SFM and Exchange server support for the Mac.

Not only that, but then Microsoft could change the protocol and screw it all up again on the next upgrade...

8) Are there any Open Source MAPI projects underway for OS X?

I don't really know of _any_ open source MAPI projects, let alone for Mac OS X. Stuff like Evolution uses OWA like Entourage does.

There's one out there called Brutus for Linux, but I haven't tried it. (

9) Has anyone heard rumors of what 2.0 will hold for us? What about iCal? Any rumors about tighter Exchange intergration?

No clue.

All I know is I've complained to my Apple SE about what I discussed in #1 and his feedback was that it is an often-requested feature/fix. I would hope that Tiger can receive calendar invitations (which currently works in the IMAP mode but not Exchange mode) and the INBOX issues are fixed.

If you're looking for tighter Exchange calendaring and address book integration, I'm using the products from Snerdware ( right now and they're doing the trick for me. LDAP lookup is a better solution than the address book conduit I'm using, but I'm not there yet...


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