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Websense Transparent Authentication
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Websense Transparent Authentication

Now that all of our Macs authenticate against Active Directory using the
AD Plugin, I was hoping that our Websense filtering server would recognize
the Mac clients  just as it does the Windows clients. But the Macs get
tracked by IP address only, whereas the Windows people are tracked by
login name and by IP.

The only option that Websense provides for Macs is a manual AD
authentication that times out every 10 minutes, requiring
reauthentication.  If someones logs out, and the next person logs in
before the 10 minutes is up, the log continues to record data as though
the first person were still logged in.

Any ideas how I can get Websense to recognize Mac clients by AD login, and
authenticate them transparently?

Bob Spiecker
Network Administrator
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind

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