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Rename volume
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Rename volume

One of our volumes was accidentally named with an extra parameter at the end, so we get a volume name of "XServe-RAID-1 1". I've tried everything I can think of to rename it and remove that extra character, but it's not working as expected. Any suggestions?

xserve:~ root# diskutil rename /dev/disk3 XServe-RAID-1 Disk renamed to XServe-RAID-1 1

xserve:~ root# diskutil info /dev/disk3
   Device Node:        /dev/disk3
   Device Identifier:  disk3
   Mount Point:
   Volume Name:        XServe-RAID-1 1

   File System:        HFS+
   Permissions:        Disabled
   Partition Type:
   Bootable:           Not bootable
   Media Type:         Generic
   Protocol:           Fibre Channel Interface

   Total Size:         467.5 GB
   Free Space:         0.0 B

   Read Only:          No
   Ejectable:          No
   OS 9 Drivers:       No
   Low Level Format:   Not Supported


Jason Dixon
Manager, IT Services
Raba Technologies

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