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Outlook, Windows Calendar, iCalendar and CalDAV
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Outlook, Windows Calendar, iCalendar and CalDAV

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open calendaring protocols for integrating with ... Microsoft Outlook

On 10 Aug 2006, at 10:23, Lyndon Labuschagne wrote:

I don't know if Outlook has any WebDav CalDav functionality and I don’t see Microsoft adding it

For reference (apologies to those of you who are already familiar with this):

* Outlook 2003 has support for iCalendar, but it's minimal. No publish/subscribe.

* RemoteCalendars <> plugs in to Outlook 2003 to allow iCalendar subscriptions.

* Windows Calendar < forhome/calendar.mspx> in Vista is "fully compatible with the popular .iCalendar format" and will support iCalendar publish and subscribe (via WebDAV, presumably).

* Outlook 2007 < outlook/> should also support iCalendar publish and subscribe. I can't remember where I read this, but < Article/ArticleID/50050/50050.html> is a start.

Beyond iCalendar publish/subscribe, the CalDAV question (I have read the other posts in this thread) is interesting... _______________________________________________
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