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Re: Michael Bartosh
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Re: Michael Bartosh

I hate to be AOL about this, but I too am shocked, angry and probably a lot of other emotions about this loss. Since May of last year, I see over 600 posts from Michael. Likely, every one of those posts is his helping someone. I don't know that he every actually had a question since he seemed to be the guy who knew everything about the systems we all enjoy so much. His nature of being free with his knowledge was admirable.

The more I read about his accomplishments, the more my respect for him grows. His ability to stand up and challenge the other gurus of the lists (Dan, John, et al) with great confidence was admirable.

Many of us here owe him a great debt for making us think about the way we do things, and for helping us to do things the right way.


I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.
--Albert Einstein

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