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RE: I do not heart AFP
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RE: I do not heart AFP

Here is my current afp config for you guys to look at:

afp:adminGetsSp = no
afp:activityLogTime = 7
afp:registerAppleTalk = yes
afp:afpTCPPort = 548
afp:createHomeDir = yes
afp:lock_manager = yes
afp:autoRestart = yes
afp:noNetworkUsers = no
afp:TCPQuantum = 262144
afp:errorLogPath =
afp:loggingAttributes:logLogin = yes
afp:loggingAttributes:logOpenFork = yes
afp:loggingAttributes:logCreateDir = yes
afp:loggingAttributes:logDelete = yes
afp:loggingAttributes:logLogout = yes
afp:loggingAttributes:logCreateFile = yes
afp:clientSleepOnOff = no
afp:serverStoppedTime = 1161882876
afp:idleDisconnectMsg = "Disconnected from server: idle for more than 60
minutes. "
afp:tickleTime = 30
afp:maxConnections = -1
afp:clientSleepTime = 24
afp:activityLogSize = 1000
afp:shutdownThreshold = 3
afp:updateHomeDirQuota = yes
afp:admin31GetsSp = yes
afp:activityLog = yes
afp:errorLogTime = 0
afp:enforce_unix_access = yes
afp:loginGreeting = ""
afp:idleDisconnectTime = 60
afp:activityLogPath =
afp:kerberosPrincipal =
afp:idleDisconnectOnOff = no
afp:useAppleTalk = no
afp:authenticationMode = "standard"
afp:attemptAdminAuth = yes
afp:afpServerEncoding = 0
afp:guestAccess = no
afp:errorLogSize = 1000
afp:maxGuests = -1
afp:recon1TokenTTLMins = 10080
afp:loginGreetingTime = 0
afp:reconnectKeyLocation = "/private/etc/AFP.conf"
afp:encodings:_array_index:0 = 4
afp:encodings:_array_index:1 = 29
afp:encodings:_array_index:2 = 25
afp:encodings:_array_index:3 = 2
afp:encodings:_array_index:4 = 36
afp:encodings:_array_index:5 = 7
afp:encodings:_array_index:6 = 6
afp:encodings:_array_index:7 = 5
afp:encodings:_array_index:8 = 37
afp:encodings:_array_index:9 = 1
afp:encodings:_array_index:10 = 3
afp:encodings:_array_index:11 = 38
afp:encodings:_array_index:12 = 21
afp:encodings:_array_index:13 = 35
afp:SSHTunnel = no
afp:idleDisconnectFlag:registeredUsers = no
afp:idleDisconnectFlag:adminUsers = no
afp:idleDisconnectFlag:guestUsers = no
afp:idleDisconnectFlag:usersWithOpenFiles = no
afp:recon1SrvrKeyTTLHrs = 168
afp:reconnectTTLInMin = 1440
afp:registerNSL = yes
afp:reconnectFlag = "none"
afp:sendGreetingOnce = no
afp:allowRootLogin = no
afp:specialAdminPrivs = no

Kind Regards,
Matthew L. Christy

Tredyffrin/Easttown School District
738 First Avenue
Berwyn, PA 19312
(610) 240-1845

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From: Matthew David [mailto:email@hidden]
Sent: Wednesday, November 01, 2006 10:51 AM
To: Christy, Matthew
Subject: Re: I do not heart AFP

"Christy, Matthew" <email@hidden> writes:
>First I tried all that, I've followed the article extensively with no
>relief of symptoms to the disable/sleep problem with the PPC version of
Server installed (it did fix the grinding halt issues, but the
disabled/asleep issues remained). I then took the advise of several
people, and installed a fresh copy of OS X Universal, 10.4.7 (then ran
10.4.8 upgrade), and the problem still exists (I did not have to tune
the server otherwise, they've seemed to got their act together with the
other issues).
> I'm ready to ditch the xserver, cancel the order for the new Intel one

>I just ordered, and go with a windows box. At least I can get reliable
connections from that. I'm pro apple, I use Macs at home, I love them,
but this just isn't working out. I have the teachers and the
administrators of my school district breathing down my back for
something I haven't been able to fix (and for no reason).
>SMB services on the xserver seem stable, but you have to understand
that the department this server has been used by have done the same
thing for years and years, and if I'm switching protocols entirely, then
I'm going to go with something more "robust and reliable".
>I appreciate everyone's feedback, and I'm so glad that I'm not the only
one having these issues.

I have two things you can try, first ssh into your server and type this

sudo serveradmin settings afp

You'll get a long list of all your afp server settings.  Firstly, you'll
probably notice a setting called "afp:idleDisconectTime = 1448".  This
is the length of time that your clients can remain disabled/idle before
they are booted off the server.  The default value is 1448 min (or about
24hrs).  To change this setting, type the following:

sudo serveradmin settings afp:idleDisconnectTime = x (where x is the
number of minutes you want to allow your clients to sleep before their
connection is terminated)

The other value to look at is afp "maxThreads = 40" (Note: since you
upgraded to 10.4.7 Uni, this value may be higher).  I set my maxThreads
to 200 and it seems to be working good for me, you'll want to tinker
with this value to find one that works for you.  To change the
maxThreads, type the following:

sudo serveradmin settings afp:maxThreads = x (where x is the number of
maxThreads your server makes available to the clients).

Matthew David
Sr. Educational IT Consultant,
Robert Gordon & Associates Inc.
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Suite 100-109
Toronto, Ont.
M4W 3E2
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