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Re: Windows Services & outside LAN connections
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Re: Windows Services & outside LAN connections

On 2007-02-05 Randall R. Saeks wrote:
> I have two machines, one running 10.4.7, and one running 10.4.8.  I
> am using the same client laptop remotely, and at home to take another
> variable out of the equation.  It is a laptop running Windows XP SP2
> and I also have turned off the firewall for the testing.  I have a
> full 1:1 NAT on my firewall set from the public -> private IP
> address, and forwarding all traffic.  I also have turned off the
> firewall on the server (just for the testing - its back on now).  I
> can not seem to access the server from any remote locations.  I can
> hit every other service on the server from here, just not Windows.
> I have the 3 hash schemes on the server enabled; LANMAN, NTLMv2 /
> Kerberos and NTLM.  When I try to get to the server,  I keep getting
> the username / password field, but it never seems to go past that.
> My smb*.log files don't show any error messages.  Are there any built-
> in Windows restrictions as far as the authorized subnets that would
> only allow the private network access to the smbd process?
> Anyone have any tips on things to check out and try for this?

You do not want to do SMB over untrusted networks. Set up a proper VPN
to access SMB shares remotely.

Ansgar Wiechers
"Another option [for defragmentation] is to back up your important files,
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