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Re: Setting up Server Monitor in XServer - Beginner Question.
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Re: Setting up Server Monitor in XServer - Beginner Question.

On Oct 21, 2007, at 1:34 PM, Eric Santoso wrote:

Hi All,
I'm sorry that this is beginner question.
I have Xserver setup yesterday but my server monitor could not detect the local server even when I login in the xserve the server monitor keep giving me awating response and in the log in said connection to the server failed.

The xserve setup as basic (not done setting everything else) I use gateway setup assistant to setup eth0 as connection to the internet and eth1 connect to serve local network.

The eth0 has static ip: 201.x.x.x
eth1 has internal ip:192.168.2.x

All internal network is fine. I could use ard or browse afp. (have not setup DNS yet except configure basic from gateway setup assistant)

My questions are:
1. Is the address I input in the server monitor is the same internal ip or static Ip ? - I've tried both and it still will not work in server monitor. - this is from local network ( not remote)
2. Are there any there other area I need to configure before I can use server monitor ?

Is there any website that showing how to setup the server (Xserve) correctly >

You should read the docs.


Did  you not downlaod them and read them regarding how to set this up?

Is this a Intel XServe with LOM???


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