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Re: dhcp match if substring
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Re: dhcp match if substring


I'm would like to setup DHCP on OS X Server to give out IP addresses
based on a MAC address pattern (rather than having to specify individual
static maps).

So for example, I have some snom VOIP phones, and they all begin with
the mac address 00:04:13:xx:xx:xx. With dhcpd on an ubuntu server, I am
able to give them a specific range of IPs along with other boot options
such as tftp-server-name.

The config I use with dhcpd is as follows:

class "snomphones" {
       match if substring (hardware, 1, 3) = 00:04:13;

# snom phones
pool {
       allow members of "snomphones";
       option tftp-server-name "";

Is it possible to achieve this with the DHCP Server on OS X, and if so, how?


Paul Maunders
Fubra Ltd.

Hi Paul

I don't know the Mac OS DHCP server very well, but AFAIK it seems to allow only pretty basic configurations. That's why we are using ISC dhcpd, too. It's far more flexible and far more powerful for complicated setups. We really like it, so I'm curious why you'd want to switch to the Mac OS DHCP server?
BTW, we run dhcpd on Mac OS X. Works extremely well, including failover, we never had any problems with it (keeping my fingers crossed...). While we are running it on some separate boxes (old G4s with Mac OS X client version), it should be possible to run it on Mac OS X server, too...

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