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Re: Snow Leopard -- end-of-life for PowerPC?
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Re: Snow Leopard -- end-of-life for PowerPC?

On Jun 10, 2009, at 1:28 AM, Reese, Stevan wrote:

For me the issue is 'supported' vs 'current' I'm OK with running a supported OS even if it's not the current version. Leopard will likely be supported until at least 10.7 ships, we haven't heard about Apple dropping support for Tiger yet...

While you're correct, the latter part of your statement is actually part of the problem: you won't actually "hear" about it.

Apple has no official EOL schedule for OSes. Often you find out when a product ships, or because Apple simply stops doing something (like releasing security updates for a particular OS version). There is no document or official source that can tell you a version of the OS is EOL.

That said, what we have *mostly* been able to determine by experience is that Apple provides OS and security updates for 10.x and 10.x-1, where 10.x is the current, shipping version of Mac OS X. That means that once Snow Leopard ships, Tiger support -- at least in terms of security updates -- will be dropped the day 10.6 ships. Granted, Apple won't tell you; you just have to know/assume that's the case based on history.

...except for the couple of times an update was provided for 10.x-2; I can remember two instances of this occurring (once with 10.1 and once with 10.2). But that is a very rare exception. This is further complicated by the fact that Apple will still try to provide support for <10.x-2, for example, when you call into to Enterprise Support. So is it EOL, or isn't it? Can I still run a particular OS on my servers with vendor support, or not?

Like how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Tootsie Pop, the world many never know. (Sorry to sound flippant, but Apple not having ANY public OS EOL schedule of any kind, any official statements on when OS/security updates stop for various OS versions, etc., is just ridiculous. This is one of the few places the dreaded "roadmap", and not even one that shows futures, would be warranted.)

In summary: Since 10.0, history tells us almost conclusively that Apple will always provide security and sometimes other updates for 10.x-1 where 10.x is the current release of Mac OS X. This means anyone running Leopard can safely use it until 10.7 ships, which will be at least two years. So no, you can't run the current version of the OS, but you also don't have to throw your G5 out the day Snow Leopard ships.

- Dave

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