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Re: 10.6: What is my Kerberos identity ?
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Re: 10.6: What is my Kerberos identity ?

>From: Simon Slavin <email@hidden>
>Subject: 10.6: What is my Kerberos identity ?
>To: MacOS X Server List <email@hidden>
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>I don't knowingly use Kerberos anywhere so I don't know much about it.
>I try to add a location in iCal Server Utility.  It asks for my
>Kerberos Identity.  I thought it would be
>because this is what sometimes shows up elsewhere, for instance when I
>add someone to a web realm.
>It says "Kerberos Login Failed:
>Cannot resolve network address for KDC in realm [myserver]"
>What do I do now ?

Try this:

Go to the "Preferences" for iCal Server Utility and change the authentication to "Password".

This should allow you to use your server admin password for authentication of the Kerberos password isn't working (which I've had happen, too...)

If there are Kerberos problems, that's a different issue which probably requires more solutions than I could easily suggest...

- Steve

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