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Apple is using DFS in its language for the first time
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Apple is using DFS in its language for the first time

Hello all -

This past weekend I read the list of new OS X Lion features (250+) that
Apple has publicly made available on this web page:

I found this item to be new:

> SMB with *DFS*
> Lion supports *DFS* URLs, drill-down, failover, and reconnects when
connecting to Windows file servers.

I just ran a Spotlight search on the indexed contents of all of my copies of
the Mac OS X Server 10.6, and Mac OS X Server 10.5 PDF documents and I can't
find one instance of a mention of "DFS". This strikes me as a change by
Apple in terminology. Why, in OS X Lion in the year 2011, would Apple
suddenly begin to make a reference to DFS but historically they opted not to
do so?

Does anyone have a URL to a good reference from an authoritative source on
precisely what DFS is, what its history is and so on? I looked briefly at
the Wikipedia page on it and it was clear as mud IMHO (a reminder that
Wikipedia is not the be-all end-all). I guess there must be some
authoritative document about DFS and its history on the Microsoft web site
but for those of us (like me) who have been living in a UNIX / Linux only
world the past ten years or so and never touched Windows servers and so on,
if anyone here on this mailing list who knows about and deals with DFS can
provide a link with authoritative information that would be greatly
appreciated and much much better than relying on Wikipedia or digging around
Microsoft's web site monstrosity!

Thank you!


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