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Re: Mac OS 10.6 Server
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Re: Mac OS 10.6 Server

On 3/18/11 2:42 AM, "Vilius Šumskas" <email@hidden> wrote:

>>> I have ran several networks using .local on Microsoft AD and "NEVER" had an
>>> issue, and I'm not that lucky. Currently my DNS and OpenDirectory are
>>> running just fine, it turned out that it wasn't DNS it is an issue with a
>>> Home Directory setup. Thanks for the help.
>> Consider it good that your specific problem is resolved. Just be
>> aware there is a problem with using .local as a DNS domain, it is
>> not a valid DNS name for a start. And .local is used outside of DNS according
>> to other RFCs.
> Oh here we go again. Which RFC is that Dan?

.local isn't an inherent problem, as long as everyone uses it the exact same
way, and you understand its limitations. The problem of course is that
everyone does not use it the exact same way, and people rarely think about
the limitations until they realize the work they caused themselves without

I would not use it because it limits my flexibility, and has no real
meaning. If I have a domain named "", I can look at that
and know "Hey, that's our internal domain". It will play nicer, or at least
easier with the overall domain, and if I have to set up multiple
internal domains, I can do so without as much worry about name clash, with
less confusion.

"" may not be short, but it tells me a
lot more about that printer and why, if I am in FL, it may not be the best
choice for me far better than "HPcolorLaser.local"

Names should be picked, whenever possible, so that they convey some meaning
to people. Which is why servers I set up get names like "netmon1" and
"odserver2" instead of "wolverine" or "charlieparker".

John C. Welch         Writer/Analyst              Mac and other opinions

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