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Repurposing an Xserve G5 - Debian with 4TB - big backup server
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Repurposing an Xserve G5 - Debian with 4TB - big backup server

Seeing as it's World Backup Awareness Day...

If you're like me, you probably have older equipment laying around that could be put to good use.

I recently took an Xserve G5, installed 3 x 2TB SATA disks, installed Debian 6.0 for PowerPC and ended up with a decent system with lots of storage capabilities.

Gory details:

Couple this with iSCSI initiator software on your Mac OS X Server and you have some interesting possibilities for performing backups. Since the OS X machine would see this as a locally attached drive, you could probably run Time Machine against it for your server.

Brian Blood

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