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A Trio of Historical Recollections
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A Trio of Historical Recollections

26 years ago today, on October 10, 1985, MacPascal 1.0 was completed.  This was an interpreted Pascal application for the Mac.  You could see your code in one window, and the output of your program in another window.  It bolded keywords and really was a snazzy program in its day.  It inspired LightSpeed C and a host of other programs.  (Microsoft Basic and Apple's unshipped Basic were in this same vein.)

Also, we had found a bad MPW Shell memory bug that was fixed on October 10, 1986, thus giving us MPW 1.0.1, 25 years ago today.

And another piece of ancient history: Microsoft completed Microsoft File 1.02 on October 11, 1985.  Microsoft File was a nice database in the early days of the Mac.  When OverVue came out and RAM increased, it beat File on speed but File was disk-based and could hold more data.


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