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Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights?
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Will the last one to leave please turn off the lights?

As list administrator, I suppose it's my responsibility to pass along
the following notice:

> On Friday, January 17th, 2014 will be retired.
> List owners are encouraged to move their conversations to
> (for developers),
> (for users) or create an “Open
> community” group (via <redacted>). To facilitate this
> transition, we plan to make the non-confidential Apple Developer
> Forums readable by all Registered Apple Developers (i.e. the free
> membership level).

The list hasn't seen any traffic in over a year, and so I don't see any
value in trying to continue the community using Apple's resources.
(Ironically, this message will probably generate more list traffic than
the list has seen in the last three years! :-) )

If anybody else would like to pick up the baton and continue the
discussions using some alternate host, feel free to do so. Maybe a
Facebook group or something... <shrug>

I would like to thank everybody for the time, dedication, and civility
shown by and to your fellow MPW enthusiasts. Thanks also for the bug
reports and suggestions that were made while MPW was in active (well,
relatively) development. I'm certain we ended up with a better product
because of the collaboration.

See ya on the flip side...

Greg Branche
MPW Entomologist

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