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[Apple] ExpressLane for AppleCare Support
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[Apple] ExpressLane for AppleCare Support

A colleague of mine sent this and I thought I would pass it on.


 I wanted to let you know about a program that is in place to increase AppleCare support efficiency.  ExpressLane is a service from AppleCare that allows you to get support on your products via an efficient web portal or schedule a phone call appointment with an AppleCare specialist.  If you haven't used it yet, the service is excellent.  In my most recent experience, I scheduled a phone call appointment about 30 min after I visited the page and after receiving my call (you can either choose to receive a call or place a call at your designated time), I spoke immediately to an AppleCare specialist.  This should greatly help reduce your time on hold if not eliminate it entirely.  Please feel free to share this service with your colleagues and remember that this is just another great reason to include AppleCare on all your purchases!


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