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Re: How to imitate Java inner class in Obj-C ?
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Re: How to imitate Java inner class in Obj-C ?

Le 18 déc. 04, à 07:13, Chris Hanson a écrit :

On Dec 17, 2004, at 1:16 PM, Kubernan @ 10191 Technologies wrote:
I have a little problem in my current rewriting of Java program in Objective-C.
The Java source code contains an inner class and i didn't find the best way
to implement this in Obj-C.
What should be the best approach in Objective-C allowing what inner class can do ?

What is the inner class in your Java code used for? I've usually seen inner classes used in Java for event/action listeners. If you're using Objective-C with Cocoa, handling events and actions is done in an entirely different way.

-- Chris

Thanks for you response,

The problem is the inner class is not used for event/action. The inner class in the Java source is used for accessing
instance variables of the "main" class as :

public class ClassB extends ClassA
* This inner class

protected class innerClass extends ClassC {
* In this function innerClass use anInstance of ClassB

public void foo() {

if (
anInstance.doSomething()) {

}//End of the inner class

* The constructor of ClassB.

public ClassB() {
anInstance = null;

I thought i could resolve this in Obj-C creating innerClass in a separated objective-C file and sharing (singleton) ClassB
but it doesn't work (may be i didn't well understand the goal of sharing instance ;-).

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