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Re: 64 bit application quits in NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet(Continuation)
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Re: 64 bit application quits in NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet(Continuation)

On Sep 19, 2008, at 8:48 PM, Kristofer Wong wrote:
Did you encounter a quitting of application on 64 bit architecture?
an example would be raising first a NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet then after the NSBeginCriticalSheet is dismissed, another NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet will display and after clicking
"Ok" in the NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet , the application quits.

is there a problem with (SEL)aSelector? in NSBeginAlertSheet?
here is the crash log report. i cannot understand whats "objc[3526]: alt handlers in objc runtime are buggy!". I have a hard time tracing this error and i cannot trace it to my codes.

That's an error check inside the Objective-C runtime. Something has gone wrong inside the exception handling machinery, and it killed your process. You should file a bug report at , and include a program that demonstrates this problem.

-- Greg Parker email@hidden Runtime Wrangler

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 >64 bit application quits in NSBeginCriticalAlertSheet(Continuation) (From: Kristofer Wong <email@hidden>)

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