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Re: Listening behind a firewall (was: Getting my IP)
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Re: Listening behind a firewall (was: Getting my IP)

Most likely there's an option on your router to redirect traffic on port x to a particular machine behind the firewall.


On Friday, December 28, 2001, at 10:39 AM, Ale Volz wrote:

That local address *is* your real IP address.

There is no standard way to discover whether you're behind network
address translation, a firewall, or some other sort of
semitransparent barrier. There is also no standard way to tell a
firewall or a NAT gateway to open a particular port, or add a
particular port mapping.

Then, how can I be a listening server behind a router? I mean... look at this:

/ MAC (server application on port x)

In the local ethernetwork, the router is, the server mac is, the pc is and the mac is
Outside, the router is It is configured not to block
incoming or outgoing data.

I want people from the outside (internet) to connect to my mac server. How
do I?
If I just bind port x and wait for requests, nothing happens, even if i
send the request myself... help :(

--- Alessandro Volz, vakanziero.
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 >Listening behind a firewall (was: Getting my IP) (From: Ale Volz <email@hidden>)

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