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Shark spatch files
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Shark spatch files

Hello, all. It took some effort to find this list. :-)

The Shark 3.0 User Guide describes spatch files. Those files enable
Shark to map address ranges to symbols. That's very handy for
languages like Lisp (and Smalltalk and such) that generate code at

I can find no mention of spatch files in the 4.x User Guide, but there
is a passing reference to them in the shark man page. And the shark
command-line utility still lists SHARK_SEARCH_PATH_PATCH_FILES when
you run "shark -e".

Finally, I found one posting somewhere that said spatch files were
quietly dropped in 4.6.

So my question is: does anyone know whether or not spatch files are
supported in 4.6? If not, is there an alternative? For example, is it
possible to install 4.5 alongside 4.6, or (even better) is there some
other way to generate a similar file that 4.6 will use?

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