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No symbol in current context with ptype command in gdb
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No symbol in current context with ptype command in gdb

I have posted this message previously in Coco-dev but I get no answer perhaps it is a more appropriate subject for Project Builder list.

I have a class with the method below :

- (IBAction)updateColorWell:(id)sender
float *hue = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float)), *saturation = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float)), *brightness = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float)), *alpha = (float *)malloc(sizeof(float));
float x;

[[colorWell color] getHue:hue saturation:saturation brightness:brightness alpha:alpha];
x = [sender floatValue];
saturation = &x;
[colorWell setColor:[NSColor colorWithCalibratedHue:*hue saturation:*saturation brightness:*brightness alpha:*alpha]];

The variable "sender" is an NSSlider.
I have set a breakpoint at the line "saturation = &x" and when the debugger stops on this breakpoint, I call "ptype NSControl" with the gdb command line then I get "No symbol 'NSControl' in current context".
I also get an error with "ptype NSObject"
I don't understand why I get these errors because I can call without error "ptype NSView" and "ptype NSResponder" and the class NSObject, NSResponder, NSView and NSControl are all superclass of NSSlider
Then I suppose I should be able to call the "ptype" command with anyone of these class as parameter.

Quentin Mathi
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