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Re: Prebinding Disabled warnings...
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Re: Prebinding Disabled warnings...

LD wrote:
| I've created a Cocoa Framework which essentially contains category
| extensions to the NS classes with some additional convenience
| methods....e.g., within my framework I have NSProcessInfo.[hm].
| I've installed the compiled framework @
| /Library/Frameworks/LDFoundation.framework.
| Now when I add this framework to a Cocoa project and compile it I get a
| series of warnings such as listed below. If anyone could let me know
| what steps I've missed out on in order to get rid of the warnings that
| would be great.

The missing step is to turn off prebinding. Generally, there's no point in doing prebinding for one's own frameworks, because there's no straightforward way to find out what address range is available to be prebound to, and no way to insure that that range will *stay* available.

The relevant option is in the "Linker Settings" target settings.

Glen Fisher
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 >Prebinding Disabled warnings... (From: LD <email@hidden>)

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