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Fwd: Bug ID 12328202: Quartz Composer Mesh system broken beyond repair.
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Fwd: Bug ID 12328202: Quartz Composer Mesh system broken beyond repair.

Anyone from Apple care to comment on this?

Begin forwarded message:

Hi Anton,

This is a courtesy email regarding Bug ID# 12328202.  

Engineering has provided the following information:

QC does not support retina display, and will not in the future. QC is deprecated already.

For Bug Reporter issues, please see  and use the Subject "Access Issues".

We are closing this report.

Thank you for your assistance in helping us discover and isolate bugs within our products. 

Best Regards,

Developer Bug Reporting Team 
Apple Worldwide Developer Relations

Bug ID #: 12328202
Bug Title: Quartz Composer Mesh system broken beyond repair.
<GMT19-Sep-2012 14:37:32GMT>
Mesh patches do not function and or crash.

Steps to Reproduce:

For example, try "Quad.qtz" included in Quartz Composer Editor / Contents/Resources/Examples and note it does absolutely nothing.

Expected Results:

Displays a generated Quad.

Actual Results:

Functional in 10.7


For the love of christ, can you hire someone to fix Quartz Composer? This is used in the real world by a ton of people, is one of a kind, and solves all sorts of issues. This needs to be fixed, and you need to hire someone to make it work.

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