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Play .flv in QuickTime Player
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Play .flv in QuickTime Player

 I have exported an avi into flv format by using Sorenson squeeze....
I want to play the .flv file by using QuickTime Player.
Is there any way to play the .flv using QuickTime Player?
Sorenson Squeeze is using the spark pro codec...
It seems the Macromedia has entered into a licencing agreement for the VPX codecs from ON2,
and form flash v8 the on2 codec will be supported.....
I am doing a development by using the Sorenson squeeze..So it is using the spark pro codec now...
so when the flash v8 comes, I want to replace the spark pro codec with the On2 codec..
Is there any way to set the codec while during the development...
Now I am saving the export settings in the atom file and using it for export...
Is there any way to store the codec name in the atoms...
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