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broadcaster probs, anyone?
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broadcaster probs, anyone?

i apologize for the cross post to the api list...


there seems to be a problem with the QTJava version of the broadcaster api.
aside from it being undocumented i have run up against an odd quirk that has
me stuck. i'm hoping that someone on this list has used the broadcaster
calls sucessfully. the DrawableBroadcaster sample code isn't complete and
doesn't work, so i think that's a bad sign.

essentially i have the broadcaster previewing fine, and the first call to
start() works and everything seems great. any subsequent call to start()
after calling stop() only broadcasts the audio, and the video is gone. does
anyone have any idea what would cause this ?

my start method is very simple,

_pres.preroll( 0, 1F, 0 );

this seems to be all that is required as i'm idleing the Presentation
seperately with the PresentationDrawer.

help anyone?

i've looked at the C projects like usher, and it seems to basically just do
the same thing that i'm doing.

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