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QTJava Expired (use this immediate fix)
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QTJava Expired (use this immediate fix)

Ok so yes it sucks that QT is not working anmore for most of us
Developers. So what should we do? Wait for Apple to react and fix it ?
No we fix it our own way. So after Roy has decompiled the QTBuild class
I though well why not just recompile it so that it works and that's
what I did. So download the QTBuild.class file at
and replace the QTBuild.class file from your that's all you
have to do and your QTJ will work again. I know it's not the best
solution but at least we can continue to Develop until Apple has
released the next version. Sorry for breaking licences Apple I just
want a working product.

Regards Andreas

PS For the paranoid here the complete sourcecode of my QTBuild.class
so you can compile it if you don't trust my class.

package quicktime.util;

public final class QTBuild

    public static final int getVersion()
        return 6;

    public static final int getSubVersion()
        return 1;

    public static final int getQualifyingSubVersion()
        return 1;

     * @deprecated Method expired is deprecated

    public static final void expired()

    public static final void isValid()

    private QTBuild()
      //no use

    public static String info()
        return "[QTJava:Decompiled 6.1.1a1]";

    public static final int version = 6;
    public static final int subVersion = 1;
    public static final int qualifyingSubVersion = 1;
    public static final int build = 1;
    public static final String buildStage = "a";
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