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RE: Adding Cue points to QT
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RE: Adding Cue points to QT


Here is the official message I received from Macromedia about cue points
within the windows environment; . All
reference to adding cue points needs to be done in the Mac environment
including the use of QuickTime 5 Pro. Then import the movies into the
windows environment.

I ran into numerous problems attempting to add cue points for Director
in the windows environment.

This is the steps I took to resolve the issue:

I used SoundEdit 16 to get the exact time for the cue point

Cue 1

Then in simple text I wrote the following:

Cue 1
Cue 2
Cue 3
Cue 4
Cue 5

The last time is the actual length of the movie.

Next import text doc. into QuickTime 5 Pro
	select all / copy

Open the actual movie in QuickTime 5 Pro
	select add/scale

Set the text track to "preload" and make a chapter track in the sound

Finally disable the text track and save the movie as self-contained.

You are now ready to import this movie into Director.

Within Director make sure the movies streaming is set to false and is
preloaded (cast properties)

I hope this makes sense, the hang up I had was when it came to using
QuickTime 5 Pro I was using the windows version, which simply won't


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Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2002 2:04 PM
To: Kevin Marks
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Subject: Re: Adding Cue points to QT

On 16/2/02 at 15:41, Kevin Marks <email@hidden> wrote:

> I think I can guess at part of the root of this confusion.
> If you create an AIFF file in SoundEdit (now a Macromedia product),
> and
> mark cue points in it, they get inserted as 'LIST' chunks in the AIFF
> file. When QT imports an AIFF, these are converted to a chapter
> I bet Director converts the 'LIST' chunks to its own Cue format, and
> other editors you mention put the LIST chunks in their AIFFs too.

This may be true, but I'm talking about actual Quicktime movies exported
from SoundEdit, not AIFF files, and I think we see yet another loophole
which allows both parties to ignore the bugs.

How about calling Macromedia and actually checking it's all working
*before* they finish the next version of Director? It would be a
tremendous help to all of us out in the trenches.


Incidentally, Director sees AIFF cues without any trouble. I still find
it bizarre that folks think cueing is only for sound. Doesn't anyone
else need to synchronise video-only movies with other stuff in Director?

Well, thanks for responding, sometimes, when I mention these issues on
mailing lists I feel like I'm shouting up an alpine horn whose
mouthpiece may or may not be connected to the Apple/Macromedia
air-conditioning system. After several years I have cultivated a
windowbox of doubts that anything is going to happen in this area, but
hope springs eternal.

Sunshine in Copenhagen in February!

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