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Re: How to send Quicktime movie by email
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Re: How to send Quicktime movie by email

Shure ;-)

> > stupid errors. I got a file, that was more than 1 MB (the movie), but
> > could be recompressed to something like 200 kB without loosing much
> > information.
> You can do the same stupid things with any media format. This isn't an
> MP4 creation issue. If you couldn't do such "stupid" things, we also
> wouldn't have control over our compression specs.

The first step is not to forget compression at all.
Like the state department, that did once send an intelligent mailbomb of
2 MB into a maillist or the german green party, that likes BMPs...something
like 1 MB compared to 50 kB.
But I am shure people who write to this list dont do such things.

Anyway, a topic from life.

Best, H.
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