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Re: QuickTime capture on Windows?
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Re: QuickTime capture on Windows?

Thanks, that's good to know. What does it mean for a capture card to support QuickTime though - isn't it the NLE that's writing the file? Any recommendations for compatible cards? What format do they typically use, M-JPEG?



    Most professional QuickTime-based NLE's will do this, if the capture
card supports QuickTime.  Premiere 6.5 and iFinish definitely will, and are
quite cheap to get these days.  On the higher end, Avid systems should as

Ben Waggoner
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on 4/27/04 12:23 AM, Rolf Howarth at email@hidden wrote:
 Are there any capture solutions (hardware & software) under Windows
 that will capture analog video (eg. betacam) to disk with original
 timecode (eg. via RS422) in a format that QuickTime can read? I guess
 that either means a QuickTime .mov with a timecode track or some
 workaround such as an AVI file whose filename encodes the timecode.

Rolf Howarth, Square Box Systems Ltd, Stratford-upon-Avon UK.
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