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Re: Setting aspect ratio of a QuickTime movie
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Re: Setting aspect ratio of a QuickTime movie

On Apr 25, 2005, at 3:42 PM, Ben Waggoner wrote:


    So, I've got two 720x480 Motion-JPEG .mov files.

    One is 16:9, the other 4:3.

Is there any way to flag these as the correct aspect ratio in the file
without recompressing them? My hope is to get them to play back in the
correct aspect ratio in QuickTime player, the way that MPEG-2 elementary
streams do.

Two options...

One, just change the display size, for instance using QT Player and AppleScript, and save the movie. But that won't affect the pixel aspect ratio, so it'll probably only respect that size (and thus that PAR) in QT Player... not, probably, in the plugin or other contexts.

The better option is to set the pasr atom appropriately - IIRC, this is only needed if the PAR is not 1:1, so it may not even be present in typical .mov files. Anyhow, grab Dumpster and go!

Here's the IceFloe that mentions the 'pasr' atom:

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