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Virtual Tour of the Paris Catacombs
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Virtual Tour of the Paris Catacombs

Hi listers

I kindly invite you for a virtual visit of the Paris Catacombs, with hips of
hotspots, links, video traveling between panos etc...
Of course, it's not "light", but it weight no more than 16 Megs (better have
a good connection) but it was 80 megs on the CD version.

Don't be surprised by the wait screen, it has nothing to do with the
subject, but it's just a wait screen ;-)

Follow this link and let me know your comments if you have some time...




Reveurs de Realites
Interactive Reports
12, Place des Abattoirs
13015 Marseille- France

Contact: Fred Raynaud
Tel: 06 08 78 44 13 (new number)
Fax: + 33 4 91 06 26 45
Email: email@hidden

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