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Re: Virtual Tour of the Paris Catacombs
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Re: Virtual Tour of the Paris Catacombs

It weighed no more than 20 MB here. What a download. I get
there is no good exit. My first time through I came up to
the credits and when I clicked, the browser window died. The
browser was OK, so back I went in a new window, because I
had seen hotspots that I didn't follow. Now I'm locked up
with some skulls to the left and a blank wall, frozen with
no hotspots. I guess I saw most of it. Or is it a maze with
many dead ends to experience?

What an experience. That Paris is quite a QTVR place. I
remember Turkowski's descent into the subways, spiralling
down and up, is memorable. This one is unique in its way.
You did a great job. Is this just the art part, the gallery?
I was expecting to see lots more skulls. Wondering about the
rats ...

F'raide wrote:
> I kindly invite you for a virtual visit of the Paris Catacombs, with hips of
> hotspots, links, video traveling between panos etc...
> Of course, it's not "light", but it weight no more than 16 Megs (better have
> a good connection) but it was 80 megs on the CD version.
> Don't be surprised by the wait screen, it has nothing to do with the
> subject, but it's just a wait screen ;-)
> Follow this link and let me know your comments if you have some time...

 >Virtual Tour of the Paris Catacombs (From: "F'raide" <email@hidden>)

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