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Re: History of Quicktime VR
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Re: History of Quicktime VR

On 5/11-2005, at 17.29, G. Donald Bain wrote:

As I remember, QTVR was first shown at the Apple Developers Conference in early summer of 1995. They made the original software available in August (?). I ordered it immediately, and made my first VR panorama on August 27, 1995.

Actually it was first shown in June 1994 Here is a linklist with what I have been able to find online

Apple's QuickTime VR, unveiled in June 1994, gained national attention when NBC News adapted it to create panoramas of crime scenes during the murder trial of O. J. Simpson. Simon & Schuster's CD-ROM, titled Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual, was the first retail product to use QuickTime VR. Released in November, the Star Trek CD-ROM (see "Books and CD-ROMs: Star Trek Meets QuickTime VR ," March BYTE) quickly sold more than 200,000 cop ies.

Digital World ’94 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in June, Digital Demo Day

Macworld Oct 1994 vr.txt

Mac World mention of the Star Trek CD which came in november 1994

Also about the Star Trek QTVR

The original publication by Erik Chen who was one of the developers of QTVR

Dan O´Sullivans page
He worked on the project during the first years. 1991 - 1994
The group at Apple was called Human Interface Group
Made probably the first QTVR in the famous summer Palace outside St. Petersburg 1991 and in Paris 1992.

Article from 1996 at APPLE:


Virtual Berlin published in 1995

Andrew Nemeths history page
with link to his article about QTVR in 1996 index.html


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