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Re: copied apps get corrupted and will not run (Joseph Haefeli)
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Re: copied apps get corrupted and will not run (Joseph Haefeli)

sorry for jumping into this thread late. we always package our apps for distribution. the cs2 premiere suit pkg installer weighs in at 2.13g (and includes a pre-install, post-install script, file merges, etc.). i can't imagine trying to push out the pieces - it's gotta break.


Joseph Haefeli <email@hidden> wrote:

Ah, thanks for the added detail.  Didn't know about the resource forks issue.

What i've had to do in the past to make all my CS2 apps work is make sure to get the /Library/ScriptingAdditions folder, and grab anything and everything that says Adobe in the /Library/Application Support folder. And of course the Applications. AND you can't transfer it over a network. You ahve to either put all of the above into a disk image and push it acros sthe wire that way, or do some other kind of voodoo because the resource forks aren't going with it, and since CS2 still uses a ton of older code and architecture it has to have'em.



don montalvo, nyc
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