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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?
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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?

On 11/14/06 07:40, "Peter Bukowinski" <email@hidden> wrote:

>> ARD doesn't link Send Unix to the task server, however, you can script that
>> command, so you have a rather large amount of flexibility in running it. If
>> you have a remote task server, then you have a full copy of ARD on that
>> system, so you can run the Send Unix on a schedule from there. You can also
>> time the running of AppleScripts a half dozen ways, so that's rather easily
>> done too. It's not exactly as nice as using the Task Server, but it's not a
>> completely manual process either.
> I've actually done something similar. I have a saved task in the ARD sidebar
> that sends  the "softwareupdate -i -a" command to all my managed Macs.
> Because I also run the Software Update service on an Xserve and all the macs
> point to it, I can also control which updates get deployed. The biggest
> drawback with this solution is the lack of "retry until success"
> functionality, which is Task Server's #1 feature. Many users, even when
> reminded, don't leave their macs on.

Luckily, I'm able to use the power of sarcasm in my favor. "Oh, you're
crashing? Well, there's an update that fixes that. Now, if you could be oh
so kind as to follow my suggestion of just logging out of your machine when
you go home, I could handle this without interrupting your work. Hmm? Yes, I
thought it was a rather brilliant idea myself. You don't have to interrupt
your work for updates, I don't have to leave my desk. Really, it's a win-win
for all."

The users start liking it when they forget my extension ;-)

John C. Welch         Writer/Analyst              Mac and other opinions

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