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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?
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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?

On Nov 14, 2006, at 9:06 AM, John C. Welch wrote:

On 11/14/06 08:01, "Chris Waltham" <email@hidden> wrote:

Have you personally tried using a dedicated copy of ARD as a Task
Server to push out Unix commands to get clients to update? How do you
find it works -- well or flaky?

well, it's not strictly a task server, so you have to keep that in mind, but
in general, it works well. One thing I've thought about is using text files
and a folder action to do this, as I RARELY just carpetbomb with the -a

Just put the name of the update in the file, and copy it to the proper
folder. I've become really addicted to folder actions and Apple Remote
Desktop. Firefox updates? Drag, drop, done. Virex updates? Drag, drop, done.
I never even SEE Apple Remote Desktop with folder actions. My Dock has
gotten even MORE ridiculous in size, but that's okay, less work for me.

Hmm, interesting -- thanks John. I'm not responsible for application updates (that's someone else), but I am responsible for pushing out OS X updates. I am yet to even delve into folder actions at all, maybe I should get off my rear and look!


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