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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?
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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?

On 11/14/06, Peter Bukowinski <email@hidden> wrote:
On 11/14/06 8:30 AM, "Rune Lynge" <email@hidden> wrote:

>> I agee. Why ARD doesn¹t let you use a task server to send a UNIX command
>> is beyond me. If it were possible, then "softupdate ­i ­a" would do what
>> you want pretty automagically.

> What about letting the task server install a "fake/empty" package and have
> the command run as a part of a preflight or postflight script. Not elegant,
> but (perhaps) usable?

That's genius. I'd only have to do the inelegant part -- creating a dummy
package to install an empty file in /tmp, with the update command contained
in a postflight script -- once. Thanks for the idea!

Just did a quick test pushing an empty package containing something like '/usr/sbin/softwareupdate -ia;/usr/sbin/diskutil repairpermissions /' in postflight and it seems to work just fine. The moment the clients come online the "package" is installed followed by a full software update and a permission repair.

Would be fairly easy to extend to display a "please reboot" dialog to
a logged in user (if any) using osascript and redirecting the output
to a log file for reference.

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