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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?
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Re: Task Server for Software Updates?

On Nov 14, 2006, at 8:25 AM, Chris Waltham wrote:
Hmm, interesting -- thanks John. I'm not responsible for application updates (that's someone else), but I am responsible for pushing out OS X updates. I am yet to even delve into folder actions at all, maybe I should get off my rear and look!

I use this route:

- Make sure the machines are online.
- Send UNIX command:
sleep `expr $RANDOM % 1200`
softwareupdate -ia

That command will wait randomly on each machine up to 20 minutes, then run the softwareupdate command.  I went this route because when I was updating 100+ machines, I would DOS the server since there were 100 requests coming in.  I found this gave me a good way to space out the time.  Of course, this only does work with machines online.

The .pkg with a pre/post flight script to run the command would be a good way to take care of this as well, however you could potentially hit the same issue if you have a bunch of machines that are all on at once, or use a scheduled startup.  For them you could change the 1200 to a small number, say 120, for 2 minutes to randomly wait.

Just my $.02.

Randall R. Saeks, ACSA
Network Administrator/Computer Support Specialist
Northbrook / Glenview School District 30

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